Enrichment Programs

At Loretta’s Little Miracles, we believe your little miracle deserves to be enriched developmentally and socially, so in addition to our daycare program we provide regular activities for all levels of ability.

As part of our daily schedule, your child will participate in our enrichment program at no additional cost to you.

+ Our Curriculum

All of our lesson plans are designed by a Child Development educated Teacher and adapted to meet each child’s individual developmental and mobility levels. With the support of our CNAs and LVNs, your child receives the personal attention they deserve!

In order to provide information for your primary care physician, we chart your child’s behavior, mobility, and participation in the nurses notes to address IEP goals and to stimulate discussion with your education team and care providers.

+ How It Works

Our Teachers arrange lesson plans and themed activities, ensuring all children can participate as they are able in unique ways.

When your child hits milestones or IEP goals we will send home an "Awesomeness Award" for you to note how your little miracle is progressing or had a great day with behavior.

All of this is offered through our operating hours at no additional cost to you. Check the daily schedule for more information.

Types Of Enrichment Programs

  • Hand over Hand instruction

  • Colors/shapes/sounds

  • Art

  • Story time/reading

  • Sensory work

  • Object recognition

  • Dexterity

  • Potty training of all ages

  • Music therapy/exposure  

  • Dance/movement

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Behaviour modification