Loretta's Little Miracles is a dynamic, evolving facility where the individual needs of my daughter are taken into consideration all day, every day. 

The staff is intuitive, proactive, and accommodating.  The care couldn't be better!

This progressive, dynamic Pediatric Day Healthcare Facility has played an integral part in the life of my daughter who is a severely disabled 18-year old. If we had not had access to Loretta’s Little Miracles and its competent staff, I do not know that we would have been able to keep our daughter living in our home.


LLM Mommy since 2009


LLM Mommy since 2011

The staff at Loretta's is amazing. They are experienced in every aspect of child care. They go above and beyond for each and every child in the center. The staff cares about the parents as much as the children. I always feel welcomed and comfortable. Our daughter is very lucky to have their love and support.


LLM Mommy infancy until end of life

Loretta's Little Miracles has helped my child become a brighter, shinier more energetic Miracle! The staff has been supportive to both our needs and our daughter's needs. I feel comfortable with the safe yet stimulating environment she is immersed in. 

Their nurses are able to work with children who are unable to voice their issues, in a manner that is both professional and caring! It’s the best of both worlds! From day one I have never once doubted the care and love our daughter has received. Loretta’s Little Miracles is a seamless incorporation into your once hectic daily lives.

It heals your heart, and your child's.


LLM Mommy since 2011

Every day my little girl gets excited to come here, and she is always happy after a day at Loretta's. This has been such an amazing experience. Our family feels so blessed that our daughter gets to come here.

Due to my son’s complex needs he cannot be left with a regular babysitter. For his safety and well-being, he needs to be under the watchful eye of nurses.

Facilities like Loretta’s Little Miracles are so important to our family because without them we would never get a break or date night. I don’t know what we would do if we could no longer use the services of Loretta’s.


LLM Adoptive Father since 2016

Our daughter has been cared for by loving nurses. They provide her with physical therapy practice, assisted in trying to get her to eat baby food and table food and they have been there to care for her when she has a seizure.


LLM Mommy since 2017

My child has Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects muscle functionality and has caused a brain tumor.

It is so important for my child to be in contact with other children and be able to play with other disabled children and not just be cooped up in the house all the time.

At Loretta’s, my son has access to specialized medical and physical therapy equipment. I am a single mom working on my college degree. I want to provide a happy healthy life for my son, and Loretta’s allows me to that.


LLM Mommy since 2014

My wife and I had the opportunity to foster a baby that had been in the NICU at Valley Children’s Hospital from the day he was born. He was born a 1lb. 1oz. And at five months of age weighed less than 8lbs. He went through numerous surgeries, including having his heart stop, and having part of his colon removed.

We took him home from the hospital being told that he didn’t need any special attention and that all was good, and that he just needed lots of love. Every time we tried to feed him he would choke… Suddenly, this little boy that didn’t need any special attention needed a feeding tube and specially trained care providers. We took him home not thinking about any type of babysitting or childcare.

My wife and I both work, so suddenly, we had to try to figure out how we were going to care for this special needs little boy and still work. We started doing research and there were two choices. Home Health or Pediatric Health Day Care Center (PDH's).

We decided that a PDHC would be a better fit for our family because of the freedom we would have dropping him off and picking him up when it fit into our schedule. This is when we discovered Loretta’s Little Miracles.

Having LLM as a healthcare provider has meant so much to our family. In the beginning we were fostering this little boy thinking the entire time that he would go back with his mother. She would even go to LLM and visit Daniel and be trained by staff on how to care for a special needs little boy.

Then things took a turn for the worse and the county said no more and gave my wife and I the opportunity to adopt him. Being in our mid-50’s this was a tough decision, but an easy one since we had grown to love him as if he was one of ours.

Having LLM has provided us the freedom to raise our now adopted 6 year-old boy. This special needs little boy is amazing. He has been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADD, ADHD and OCD. We were even told he may never talk.

Let me tell you, this little boy keeps growing and surpassing everyone’s expectations. I believe that without LLM we would not have been able to make all his appointments and do all the things we have been able to do for him.

Loretta’s Little Miracles, a Pediatric Day Healthcare Facility is part of our family. Our little boy even call the nurses Aunt(s) and calls the owners Papa and Nana. They have been there for us since the beginning and hopefully they will be there to see our boy graduate from High School.

Greg + Kerrie

LLM Foster + Adoptive Parents since 2013