Everyone Deserves A Night Off

Taking care of your little miracle is a full time job, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the opportunity to temporarily rest from your role as a primary caregiver.

This program is designed to give caregivers, who have sometimes not had a break in years, a much-needed rest which helps maintain the “normalcy” of the family unit.

+ Parent’s Night Off Hours

Friday and Saturday Nights

  • Date Night: pick up by 11pm
  • Overnight Care (limited capacity)

+ How To Register

We want to help you use the Medi-Cal allotted hours in the way that fits your family’s needs whether that is mid-week or for a Parent’s Night Off - date night or overnight care (limited capacity).

  • Complete a monthly schedule form provided by LLM.

Last minute plans… call-in! If we have staffing and your child has hours available we will accommodate!

** We ask that all caregivers check the child’s balance of hours routinely before signing up.


"Facilities like Loretta’s Little Miracles are so important to our family because without them we would never get a break or date night."

- Randy, LLM Adoptive Father since 2013