How To Qualify For Medi-Cal + Insurance


While few, if any, private insurances cover PDHC Nursing Services, if your child has a qualifying diagnosis but does not have Medi-Cal, you may still qualify!

We can help make this process frustration free. Contact us for more information on obtaining coverage for your child.  


  • Loretta’s Little Miracles will not affect your IHSS hours or pay

  • Loretta’s Little Miracles will not affect your Respite hours

  • You can use both home health and Loretta’s Little Miracles hours together

You can maximize all these services and benefits to best serve your child and your family in conjunction with Loretta’s Little Miracles nursing care. 

+ Medi-Cal

Our services are covered and billed directly to Medi-Cal. The child's allotted bank of hours to use at LLM are deemed by Medi-Cal based on the child’s diagnosis + review of their LLM physician approved Plan of Treatment (POT).

These hours will not compete with your IHSS or respite hours and can be used in conjunction with home health.

+ My child has not qualified for Medi-Cal

If your child is between the ages of 0-3 and has yet to receive a formal medical diagnosis, Loretta’s Little Miracles will assist you in qualifying for Medi-Cal even if you have been unsuccessful previously.

In addition if your child is covered under private insurance your child may still qualify for Medi-Cal. In both cases you will need to complete the below form:

*Medi-Cal Home and Community-Based Alternatives Waiver Application

+ Private Insurance

Few, if any, private insurances cover PDHC Nursing Services. However if your child has a qualifying diagnosis, they should qualify for Medi-Cal.

If you need help obtaining Medi-Cal coverage for a qualifying diagnosis we can assist you. You can get started by completing the below form below with help of LLM, CVRC or hospital social worker:

* Medi-Cal Home and Community-Based Alternatives Waiver Application

PLEASE NOTE: Medi-Cal will not pay for PDHC services until they receive a denial of coverage letter from your private insurance. This is completed by Loretta's Little Miracles and is a process that can be completed frustration free

If appropriate LLM may write a rebuttal letter for the child to help persuade Medi-Cal to approve the child.

+ Private/Independent Pay

Private/Independent Pay accepted upon approval.

Contact us for more information.